Paranormal Experience

     Not for the faint of heart! Full immersive experience into the world of paranormal Investigations! This is NOT a "haunted building tour". This is an paranormal investigation in which you and your 5 person team take part in your own, actual investigation into active paranormal areas in an historic 1937 building. 


     You will use the tools and investigative equipment to seek out the unknown. One of you will monitor your teams progress with night vision surveillance cameras and 2-way radios from the operations/control room, keeping in contact with your group by radio to help guide you through the dark maze of corridors and jail cells.


     Your mission is to use your map to seek out the paranormal recorded"hot spots", that were previously documented by professional paranormal investigators.

     "Why are you still here?', what is your name?, How long have you been here?", are some of the questions you might be interested in knowing the answers to.

     From doors closing and opening, full body apparitions, shadow people, orbs, voices and footsteps and even a little girls voice asking "can anybody see me?,


      there is documented evidence throughout this massive, 36,000 square foot building. What will you uncover? Are you up for the challenge?

Book now;

6 person teams

2 hour investigations

Two time starts: 7:00 pm- 9:00 pm and 9:30-11:30 pm .

$25 each person.

     We will combine individual investigators into a 6 person team if you don't have the full team.

     The paranormal activities in this building are real, as such, the age limit for this investigative tour is 16 years old, and must be accompanied by parent or responsible adult. 

Haunted History Tour

Haunted History Tour through the historic Dona Ana Courthouse and Jail! If your looking for something a little more "edgy" to do with your friends, this is it! We are escorting groups of 15 through the Grand old Lady to experience first hand, the areas in the building that paranormal investigators have documented paranormal activity. Your guides will lead you through the dark corridors of the 1937 courthouse and haunted jail. The guides will replay some of the audio they have captured in the different "hot spots" throughout the 37,000 square foot, 3 story building and jail annex. Book now to reserve your place in these historic tours.

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